Bandwidth may be increased on any account for an additional cost of $10/month/Mbps.

Initial installation prices ranges from $199 - $499, depending on the complexity of the installation, distance to our tower, and the type of equipment required.  You will receive an exact installation cost during the survey of your site. 

Existing customers wishing to take advantage of our new AirSpeed service may upgrade for a one-time cost of $85, then pick any of the plans listed above.

Wireless Network Coverage Area

The map below shows the approximate area served by the Sugarloaf wireless Internet service. Please contact us to schedule a site survey to determine the optimal hardware and software configuration for your location. Type your paragraph here.

​About Hillcountry networks...

Hillcountry Networks was established in March 2001 to bring community oriented wireless network to the Hillcountry. Our mission is to bring internet connectivity to rural or underserve communities and homes.

We decided in 2001 to bring internet connections to our own home in Dripping Springs, and later expanded that effort into an small community focused operation providing an alternative to other options such as dial up, satellite and other wireless providers. Unlike most startup ventures we have had an positive cash flow since our third month of operation because of the way we chose to do business. Our intent is to grow slow, know our customers, provide the best service possible and continue delivering our connections at prices comparable to big city prices.

We are an LLC, registered in the state of Texas. We have owned property in Hays county since 1968. My mother was once Dripping Springs School Superintendent in the early 70's.

Two principal owners, both UT graduates and have long and solid technical and management backgrounds.

What does Hillcountry provide?


Wireless connections to home or business.

Is it available today?

Yes, we are expanding coverage every month.

What equipment is used?

The equipment at your location will consist of an RF Modem/Router, antenna and hardware including CAT 5 cable.

Are any dangerous signals present?

No, our system operates in the 2.4 to 5.8GHz range. All within FCC allowable limits.

Who is

An team of network engineers with over 50 years of combined experience in the areas of high performance networks and security.

How to pay for service?

Checks, payable to HillcountryTX Networks. Please have the checks mailed before the 10th of the current month.

Credit card, can find more information on this website.

What about service and up times?

Our commitment to provide service 99.999% of the time.

What about VPN?

VPN does work. 

Can I become an repeater location?

Sure. We typically swap use of your property as an repeating location for free internet service to your home.

What can I do with this connection?

This is an network for legal personal use. No high speed outbound web content or streaming audio or video distribution.

What policing can you do to my connection?

We can see packets moving across our network, outsiders can not. We can not see beyond the router that we place in your location to the make the wireless connection back to us.

What can I do when I need service?

Please call and leave an message, text or email. (214) 557-6654 email:

Acceptable usage Policy

  • Hillcountry networks goal is to protect network resources, preserve the privacy, security and our customers networks. Plus maximize the utility of internal network resources including the internet.
  • Generally, conduct that violates law, regulation, or the accepted norms of the internet community is prohibited.
  • Hillcountry network reserve the right at all times to prohibit activities that damage its commercial reputation and good standing within the internet community.
  • "Denial of service" attacks, attempts to breach authentication or security, or any unauthorized attempt to gain access to any other account, host or network is prohibited. It can result in immediate service termination without notice.
  • Any advertisement of an site or network that resides on our network through an third party site or network by unsolicited means is an violation of the abuse policy.
  • Any use of our property  for the composition, distribution, collection of bulk posting, abusive posting, or any other form of unsolicited posting is strictly prohibited.
  • Each net abuse case is dealt with on an individual basis. It will be based on an in-depth investigation and determination of severity, and appropriate action will be taken against any parties found in violation of this policy.
  • Hillcountry reserves the right to terminate service at any time and without warning when an violation of our policy has occurred.
  • The use of this network to distribute streaming audio or video is prohibited. The continuous use of file sharing services is also restricted. We reserve the right to shut down any source of continuous or streaming outgoing transmissions.
  • Hillcountry networks reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify this AUP, our Internet Service Agreement and our policies and agreements at any time and in any manner. Notice of any revision, amendment, modifications will be posted in accordance with the Internet Service Agreement.

Call now to order: 214-557-6654


Welcome to Hillcountry Networks...providing always connected wireless broadband speed internet.

  • Fast, reliable internet services
  • Up to 20Mbps download speed
  • Wireless connection to your rural home or business
  • Personal & business web hosting
  • Domain registration & management
  • Site development including commercial art design
  • 16/7 technical support

Central Texas coverage areas include Johnson City, Spicewood, Lago Vista, Cypress Hill, Henly, Pedernales Falls State Park area, and Big Country.  West Texas communities include WInters, and Novice.

Hillcountry Networks offers high speed Internet plans based on our AirSpeed technology. This technology utilizes the latest generation of wireless antennas and allows us to offer customers much higher bandwidth than other wireless Internet companies at very competitive rates. AirSpeed technology is available across our entire service area and supports high speed applications such as VPN, video streaming with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazom Prime, Voice Over IP telephones, video security cameras, etc.

​Monthly rates for AirSpeed wireless Internet services for new customers as of November 1, 2016 are listed below: